Firmware Update

This document walks you through the procedure to update your detention pond controller.
Firmware Update.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [996.3 KB]
Ver 9.3
Files needed for the update. Download and unzip to a folder on your device.
Compressed archive in ZIP format [7.0 MB]

What's new Ver 7.9.3

  • Better support for high water switch (issue 2 added)
  • TCEQ tweaks
    • slow drain disabled by default
    • rain sensor can now be optional
    • rollback method selectable (rain end or WIP switch)
  • WIP Float Sw moved to Aux input
  • Better display of large flush (displays tenths only until less than .1" remaining)
  • Storm audit rainfall amount now includes flushed amounts
  • white led indicates WIP switch closed
  • full rollback after drain complete cycle
  • freeze handling improved (default is no drain while freezing)
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