Storm Water Detention Pond

Our low cost automation controller serves as the heart of a stormwater detention pond management system.  It combines a rain sensor with float switches to provide redundant input for reliability.  The system quickly learns how much rain it takes before the pond starts to fill.  Thereafter it will manage the pond properly even if the float switch fails (it will signal an alert for service).  The switch can also report on a rain sensor failure.  You can be sure your pond is actively monitored and controlled at any time by a quick look at the status display.


The controller is highly configurable to ensure your system will be compliant with applicable code ordinances (out of the box ready to meet TCEQ requirements).

User Guide
This brief document contains everything you need to know to understand and operate the system after it has been installed and configured.
Detention User Guide.pdf
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You can now update your controller's firmware.  We've added some new features and improvements.  The documentation on this web site is for the current version.