Firmware Update

We are now offering a simple way to update your Automation Controller to the latest version of the software.  There have been many improvements since earlier versions so we highly recommend updating.  The technical reference and user guides have been updated to reflect the new features.


To update your controller you will need either a portable Windows computer or an Android device and a USB cable.  The process is fairly simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.


Update procedure
This is the procedure for installing new firmware in the automation controller.
Firmware Update.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Firmware Update Files
This is the program and source files you'll use to communicate with the rainwater controller. The process is described in the above procedures. (v 7.9.3 May 2020)
Compressed archive in ZIP format [7.2 MB]

What's New (V7.8)

  • Stage assist pump (7.8.5)
  • Default aux pump mode is 0 (1 was causing it to go into learn mode if powered by USB only)
  • Don't display voltage audit if aux input is active
  • Mist filter now 0 to turn off, settings 1-9 are actual .01" flow rate values
  • More robust handling of external noise from rain sensor
  • All audits now clear on cycle button in Bluetooth menu
  • Fixed issue with settings in flow rate mode
  • Various improvements to Bluetooth audit & config menus
  • Revamped detention pond logic for storm controller
    • Due to memory limits, now a separate code base
    • Better support for pond switch (technical alignment w/ TCEQ requirements)

What's New (V7.7)

  • Completely revamped manual control of flush valve and changing flush & hold settings
    • Long press Flush button to put system into flush mode
    • Long press Hold button to put system into collect mode
    • Long press configuration setting obsoleted, brightness moved to its place
    • Active LED no longer on with push button press (make it easy to identify systems with this new control)
  • Improvements to 2nd stage functions
    • Aux pump stops when cistern full
    • Aux valve will open when cistern full and aux switch closed
  • Catchment recovery pump will also run a cycle if stage full switch closes (functionally this serves as a stage booster pump).  Note that pump must be plumbed to cistern instead of stage tank.
  • Changed default setting for flush when full to 2 (assume there is not a staging tank)
    • SW updates will not change this setting
  • Improvements to cycle button when multiple events staged (errors, 3rd port, etc)
  • Button detection improved for combinations and intermittent (light) presses
  • Show flashing indicator if rain sensor input shorted
  • Warning 7 now also stops pump if configured for excessive cycle count treated as error
  • Warning 1 automatically cleared if rain captured
  • Fixed minor bug with erroneous warning 4 after cistern full stopped the staging pump
  • PP cycle count reset doesn't trigger until pump starts after user sets learn option
    • Prevents clearing cycle count values if accidentally selected by user
  • ALL configuration multipliers now use same multiplier value for consistency (1,2,3,4,5,10,15,etc)
    • Settings for stage run, activator seconds & brightness will be set to default when upgrading
    • Hold time is now the only exception to the 5x (still 6 hours so 4 flashy blinks is one day)
  • The output test no longer cycles pumps or actuators on Series 2 controllers to make it easier to test the remote display.  Series 1 controllers still cycle relays as this was a critical test for those systems.
  • Flush LED now shows partial actuator positions with reduced brightness (stage overflow, 3rd port)
  • Freeze temperature added to freeze protection setting
    • Values above 4 set degrees below zero Celsius (i.e. 4 is zero, 5 is 1 below, 6 is 2 below, etc.)
  • Improvements to and completion of Bluetooth & serial interfaces
    • Factory menu greatly simplified (settings can be entered through Bluetooth easier now)
    • Active LED now shows status of comm interface
  • All 4 flush settings for flow rate mode can now be made by user without going into configuration
    • 2nd press of flush & hold together enters flow rate settings (flush=rate, hold=minutes)



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