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The following "white paper" discusses traditional systems and their challenges.  It also describes how the controller addresses these problems.  The latter part of this paper makes a case that by using this approach you will not only have better water with less maintenance, but you can do it with a significant cost savings.  You will also be free of several traditional constraints of rainwater systems, such as location of large tanks close to roof structure and filter baskets located where ladders are required to access for cleaning.

Rainwater Whitepaper
General information about passive vs. active collection systems and cost justification for large systems.
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Case Study

This short video shows the Flush, Stage & Protect features of the automated system.  This was a 5,000 Gal potable system for a house north of Georgetown Tx.  It is the only source of water and has been completely sustainable since it was placed in service in Feb 2016.


The cisterns are higher than the gutters and the entire system is housed in a metal building.  There are no tanks visible on the property and the only hint of a rainwater system is that the downspouts are PVC instead of aluminum.   The customer saved enough money on this system to essentially get a building for the tanks for free!  See the white paper on the home page for more details.



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