Rain Water Collection

This diagram shows a high level view of a system that uses, flush, stage & protect approaches as mentioned above.  Even if you elect to only use the automated flush approach, the controller will pay for itself many times over with the improved water quality, lower maintenance and no swamp smell as it converts your "wet" system into a "dry" one.  For more details, please see our white paper on the case study page.  

Our patented  automation controller for rainwater collection brings modern technology to solve common problems that exist in traditional systems.  Using our system will provide some of the best water possible with the least amount of maintenance of any other approach.  If you elect to use our staging approach, your filters will all be on the ground and your main tank can be anywhere (away from the house, out of the main view, uphill, etc).  With the water sentry you'll be protected from accidents that could waste water.  Our unique catchment recovery option can provide more water from each rain by capturing the standing water before opening the flush valve.  Combine these features in any way to meet your specific needs.  The controllers is easy to configure to be as unique as your system.  Our latest systems allow you to use your Bluetooth device to configure, monitor and control your system easily.

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You can now update your controller's firmware.  We've added some new features and improvements.  The documentation on this web site is for the current version.