Series 1 Documents

We're currently shipping Series 2 controllers so the user guide and technical reference provided here are for reference for existing installations.  Many improvements have been made to the operation and indications of the controller and you can update your controller to use the latest firmware.  If you have done so then you can refer to the current User Guide and System Configuration guide.  You will need to interpret all references to the "Cycle Button" as the "Pump Button" as it's called on your system.

User Guide
If the Active LED comes on when you press a button, then this is the correct guide to use.
User Guide v5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Series 1 Technical Reference
Everything you need to maintain a series 1 automation controller. You have a series 1 controller if the Active LED blinks a few times before the system starts positioning the flush valve. These controllers used 2 boards instead of 1.

If you have updated the firmware in your controller then you should use the current configuration guide for all settings and ignore the configuration section in this guide.
Technical Reference v6.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.8 MB]
Storm Water Guide
This is the guide for the initial release of the storm water controller. If your system has a button labeled "pump" (instead of "cycle"), this is the proper guide to use. Once your controller has been updated to the latest firmware you can refer to the current storm water user guide.
Storm Water User Guide S2.docx
Microsoft Word document [1.3 MB]
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