Series 1 Technical Documents

We're currently shipping Series 2 controllers so the installation guide and technical reference provided here are for reference for existing installations.  Although some improvements have been made to the operation and indications of the controller, you can still refer to the current user guide.


Installation Guide
Parts and Basic Installation
Installation Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]

The Technical Reference covers the full scope of the automation controller capabilities, including active systems, pump control, configuration options and other details.  

Technical Reference
Everything you need to install and configure the series 1 automation controller.
Technical Reference v6.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]

If you have never aligned an actuator to a Jandy valve, the following video shows how to do it.  It starts from the point where you have connected the transformer to the actuator.

The configuration menu system since version 5 is much easier.  The "Active LED" will blink your firmware version when you press the Reset button.  If you see 4 or fewer blinks you should consider updating.  Click the firmware update tab on the left for details.

Plumbing Tips
These are things we've learned through many installations of rainwater systems using our controller. You may find some things in here that will help you properly plumb your flush valve, staging pump and maintenance valves.
Plumbing Tips.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [598.9 KB]

Plumbing considerations and disclaimer: You should always take into account worst case scenarios of torrential downpours at the most inopportune times.  If your cisterns are outside you probably have little to worry about but if you have them housed in a building you would want to make sure that water always has a controlled way to exit the building in a worst case scenario.


It is the responsibility of the system designer and purchaser of the Flush Controller to insure that a failure of the Flush Controller will not cause consequential damages. If a failure in Flush Controller could cause water damage issues, we recommend against deployment of the Flush Controller, or against the system in which the Flush Controller is deployed.  It is the responsibility of the system designer and purchaser of the Flush Controller to be aware of performance limitations of the device.   If a Flush Controller fails for any reason RAS will not be responsible for the labor of servicing or removing the Flush Controller.  RAS recommends that the system designer perform a Failure-Mode Effects Analysis that includes the possibility of Flush Controller failure. If a potential purchaser of the Flush Controller does not agree with these terms, we ask that you not buy the Flush Controller.  Purchase and deployment of the Flush Controller implies understanding and agreeing to these limits of liability.

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