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Technical documention for the automation system is broken into 3 guides to help you get to just the information you need quickly and suscinctly.  The controller is the heart of your automation system and it can use any pump controller, valve, etc. that you prefer in the final architecture.  We do this as virtually every system is different by necessity.  To get you started with a list of proven, easily available and affordable parts we provide the parts guide.  Since all systems need a good first flush, that portion of the installation is covered in the parts guide.  If that's all you are using, you may not need the Technical or Auxiliary guides.


Following the Parts Guide is the Technical Reference.  It provides more detail on other options for installing the first flush and it also covers active systems that use a staging tank and pump.  The benefits of this are discussed in the white paper you'll find on our home page.  The controller is configurable and although the default values are usually fine, the Technical Reference documents how to get into the configuration settings and customize it for your specific needs.


The final guide covers the Auxililary System which provides support for some of the less common use cases.  We've also covered other more complex topics in this guide to keep the other guides focused on more common details and as simple as possible.


Parts Guide
This document covers the additional parts you will need to automate your rainwater system. It then continues with a step by step procedure for installing the first flush portion of the system.
Parts Flush Installation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]
Technical Reference
This document covers the flush & stage features, options, configuration and wiring for the Rainwater Automation controller (9/19).
Technical Reference S2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.7 MB]
Auxiliary System Guide
This document covers the auxiliary system and several advanced features of the Rainwater Automation controller (Water Sentry, Catchment Recovery, Well Fallback, Flush by flow rate, Off-Grid, etc.) It is a supplement to the Technical Reference.
Auxiliary System Guide.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.5 MB]
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