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Our patented  automation controller for rainwater collection brings modern technology to solve common problems that exist in traditional systems.  Of course, it's much easier to understand how to improve systems if you understand the root problems a little better.  The following "white paper" discusses traditional systems and their challenges.  It also describes some of the functionality of the controller to address these problems.  The latter part of this paper makes a case that by using this approach you will not only have better water with less maintenance, but you can do it with a significant cost savings.

Rainwater Whitepaper
General information about passive vs. active collection systems and cost justification for large systems.
White Paper.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [962.5 KB]

This diagram shows a high level view of a system that uses a staging approach as discussed in the above paper.  This also shows the Water Sentry feature to protect the supply in your main cistern from accidents.  It is not required to implement the staging tank in a system.  You can still gain the benefits of the best flush system available if you are feeding directly from your gutters to your main cistern.  

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You can now update your controller's firmware.  We've added some new features and improvements.  The documentation on this web site is for the current version.